Unholy Crap

The Republican party is soooo ridiculous right now.  Look at this video.  I hope this video makes it to the Library of Congress so that future historians can write about this absurd period early in the 21st century.


fenhopper said...

the ridiculous thing here is how they've trapped themselves into this dumbness. all politicians do this -- refuse to answer by saying/implying that it's not relevant to your real interest -- but this feels different somehow.

and i am so sick of hearing "we're the party of [dead person]!"

teddy roosevelt huh? where's your mustache then? doesn't that mean that you do everything just like teddy roosevelt?

good line about limbaugh beck and palin on rushmore.

Casey said...

It actually gives me hope that a new opposition party may wiggle it's way up one of these years... what frustrated me most about this interview was that it made any argument about global warming seem ridiculous even though, as a person who obviously understands that evolution has been happening for more than 6,000 years and who is quite interested in popular science, I have serious doubts about the man-made-ness of global warming and about the judgment that only "bad" could come of global warming.

I'm about ten minutes away from starting to sing about the virtues of libertarianism... I can just feel it. I'm trying to stop myself, but--

By the way: how would you rate Obama's actions regarding America's poor so far? From where I sit, unemployment is over 15% in the poorest parts of Charlotte, while the Bank of America building looks taller and shinier than ever. So much for populism?

On the upside, I heard a national poll the other day saying that all Americans are feeling more optimistic about race relations... apparently we give each other the polite nod on the sidewalk now even if we look different. That's certainly something.