Oh no... is this it for me?

I'm feeling very comfortable about what I believe lately, and that makes me really uncomfortable... I don't even have any questions, really. Like, I know what I think about Justice, about G-d, about ethics, literature, metaphysics, marriage, abortion, the death penalty, legalizing pot, Jesus, Buddha, Moses, organized religion, mysticism, forgiveness, adolescence, parenthood, and death. And not just that: I know I will always like to watch baseball and play golf, swim in big lakes, watch space-ships take off, listen to other people's music, and so on. And maybe worse yet, I think everybody I know could more or less guess what I feel about any of the "intellectual" subjects listed above, even if they haven't heard me think about them explicitly. And I'm also perfectly aware of the skewed nature of my attention -- I am drawn to the extremely physical and the extremely "academic," and I probably over-value the West and the East, and undervalue the everything else.

And as I said, I don't like knowing that you know what I think, and knowing myself so well. I'm afraid I've stopped learning. I'm no surprise at all, neither to myself nor to anybody else. Ya'll know me as well as anyone... so what am I missing? Are there questions I haven't asked? Or maybe I've got something wrong? Seriously: suggest a topic that you think would "move" me in the right direction. Every idea seems to bore me lately. Help.

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