Let the evangelizing begin, then!

I've been occasionally visiting the Unitarian Universalist Church of Charlotte since February. The church's "communication team" recently revamped their webpage. Now you can listen to sermons without driving to Charlotte every Sunday (there's also a Podcast available for download to your iTunes). There are two sermons available so far. I can only recommend the sermon on "Compassion," but I'm sure the "Marking Six Years of the War in Iraq" is interesting too. I guess I'm into this church because it doesn't seem to oppose my real religion, and often even draws from it. And because the preacher-man, Jay Leach, is a Ralph Waldo Emerson scholar.

The "Compassion" sermon quotes Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Tara Brach (Buddhist meditative instructor and clinical psychologist), Emily Dickinson ("If I can stop one heart from breaking,/I shall not live in vain"), R.E.M. (the band), and Henry Ward Beecher. And not Jesus or "God."

UPDATE: See also, Stanley Fish's opinion piece from today's NY Times.


fenhopper said...

this is a tough one. but i am processing it

Casey said...

I have a friend from Texas who always insisted that this kind of -- well, or better yet: Flannery O'Connor always insisted that this kind of "religion" that borrows from a number of traditions and makes sure never to cling too tightly to Jesus, in particular, is the devil's fanciest work...

But Anna Lowe was a Unitarian, and she always seemed so nice to me.