The Importance of Proper Spelling

I can never remember how to spell cleavage. I googled it a moment ago. Clicked the wikipedia page. Some awesome stuff appeared, including these informative little tit bits:
  • When the lateral aspects of the breasts are uncovered, it is known as side cleavage, sidewinders or sideboob.
  • Exposure of the underside of the breast, such as below an extremely short crop top, is known as neathage, Australian cleavage (because of the American reference to Australia as down-under), bottom cleavage, reverse cleavage, underboob, or shitapai[6] (shita+oppai, under-breasts in Japanese).
  • For legal purpose it was noted by the United States federal courts that "anal cleft or cleavage" and "cleavage of the female breast" are so imprecise as to provide no guidance in defining them.


Monica said...

What about toe cleavage in women's closed-toe shoes, where you see a little bit of the line that separates the first and second toes? And what about butt cleavage, as made popular by Beyonce, and unpopular by Glamour magazine's scathing critique on the do/don't page, where they put a black bar on the eyes of women wearing things they shouldn't, such as jeans that show butt cleavage. Ew.

And what about the biblical version of cleavage, where a man leaves his father and mother and cleaves only to his wife? Hmm?

Who know cleavage was so versatile?

Monica said...

I meant "Who knew," but I suppose that is a typo, rather than a spelling error.

Casey said...

Oh, TRUE. Gretchen loves her toe cleavage. You should definitely enter that on wikipedia. I think the "anal cleft" was a reference to butt cleavage, but I'm disappointed that they didn't list "plumber butt" as a synonym.

Biblical cleavage is almost lost to us, thanks to cellphones...

Okay. Good talk.