Take the Obama-Facebook-Quiz Challenge

This little session--both the question and the response, frankly--is one of the most frivolous things I've ever seen. Needless to say, "frivolous" is better than Bush; but this was unbearably indulgent. Obama really does remind me of Castro when he takes the microphone in prime-time... my teacherly-remarks at the end of his speech would read: "Focus on clarity and conciseness. Wordy at times." Anyway, here's the video:

Now for the fun part: what has surprised, troubled, enchanted, and humbled you about the first however-many-years of your life?

My answers:
  • Surprised: I've been surprised... uhhhh... thaaaaat (just kidding)... I've been surprised at how fresh the mystery seems to me after 31 years.
  • Troubled: I'm troubled by the rigorous sedateness of contemporary "work" in America. I fear that sitting in front of a glow-screen for ten hours a day is bad for people.
  • Enchanted: I'm enchanted by golfing, especially by hitting a good seven-iron onto a par three.
  • Humbled: I'm humbled by the knowledge that there is something in me that is everlasting and universal, and by the fact that I understand that thing not-at-all.


Wishydig said...

surprised: nothing really surprises me anymore. really. unless i start listing unannounced visits and cars pulling in front of me in traffic.

troubled: my own inability to deliver on my promises.

enchanted: buffy.

humbled: buffy.

Here's a little advice about your response to "troubled": be careful with evangelism. people can choose things knowingly that you would reject. that doesn't make theirs a bad choice.

Casey said...

Hmmm... interesting thought about my "Troubled" response. I'll have to think about that.

I know what you're saying about evangelizing -- but I felt like I was thinking "objectively" (from Darwin's perspective) when I wrote that. I mean, from the point of view of eternity... well, no: I guess you're right.

I don't take it back. But I'll rephrase: "I'm troubled by the fact that the vast majority of good jobs in America require a lot of sitting in front of glow screens."

Or do you just want me to phrase it in the first person... "I hate the way I have to spend all day in a windowless office in a cushy chair in front of a glow screen." (?)

Wishydig said...

exactly. that last one is what i was getting at.

but let me use my own advice here -- if you really are troubled by the behavior of others then that's what you should say. i would never tell you to NOT evangelize. i would only ask (as a caring and presumptuous friend) when it seems to me that you are, if you too think you are.


Casey said...

You should've been a psychotherapist, and by that I mean a Mazatec shaman.

Indeed, I secretly believe that you are doing that, and like a great shaman, you'd never admit it.