Now that's Hip

Can anyone else confirm for me that this is the awesomest ad ever? Other than a Honda Insight, what is this a picture of? Here's a hint:


Wishydig said...

and did you know that an image of the twin towers being hit and crumbling is hidden on the dollar bill?

Casey said...

Oh come ON!!! -- you really don't think that's on purpose? Every time I see this ad on facebook I double-take, and I don't need a new car.

Picture Lara Croft in your head for a minute and look again. This ad has "tankini" written all over it.

Wishydig said...

i tease. i tease.

in fact i'm pretty sure that this type of oblique visual reference is present in almost every ad.

i'm with ya on this.


Casey said...

Whew. I was about to start taking my anti-paranoia pills again (that's what I call my decaffeinated tea bags).