If a Tree Grows in the Forest and Nobody...

Although I have nothing left to say, others have left bread crumbs, and I mean to continue pointing them out.
CC: "But how can one avoid the desire, the genuine desire, to help our fellow men?"

DJ: "How do you think you can help?"

CC: "By alleviating their burden. The least one can do for our fellow men is to try to change them. You yourself are involved in doing that. Aren't you?"

DJ: "No. I'm not. I don't know what to change or why to change anything in my fellow men."

CC: "What about me, DJ? Weren't you teaching me so I could change?"

DJ: "No. I'm not trying to change you. It may happen that one day you may become a man of knowlege--there's no way to know that--but that will not change you. Some day perhaps you'll be able to see men in another mode and the you'll realize that there's no way to change anything about them."

Fathom the hell completely...


Insignificant Wrangler said...

From another non-teacher who has nevertheless helped me learn:

Therefore, in my remarks on Buber, though I indicate a few points of divergence, it is not to question the fundamental and admirable anlyses of I and Thou, and even less to embark on the perilous or ridiculous enterprise of "improving" the teachings of an authentic creator. But the speculative landscape opened up by Buber is rich enough, and still new enough, to make possible certain perspectives of meaning that cannot always be seen, at the start at least, from the trails masterfully blazed by the pioneer.

Casey said...

Yes! -- that's the stuff!