Pause & Reset

Yesterday I found one of those books that's going to leave me very, very speechless for a while. As if in direct response to my frivolous plea for worldly understanding the other day, the gods delivered up this gem, apparently written by Peter Kingsley especially for Casey Pratt on his 31st birthday: Reality. I've read a hundred pages so far, and I'm going to try to slowly savor the remaining 500.
If you aren't curious about Parmenides, may the unspeakable-Goddess-help-you. Here's a link to his wikipedia page. Here's a link to Plato's dialogue, Parmenides. And here's a link (read it if you dare--there's no going back) to his famous poem, a poem that has long been judged unfavorably by useless academics who would've done better to avoid uttering the name of its author.

When I do return, it will likely involve a couple of posts concerning the relationship between poetry & logic, mystery & Tr-th.

Thanks, Peter Kingsley, for the reminder.

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