More News in the "Duh" Section

To follow up on my post from below: the NY Times printed an important article today that ought to be read very carefully by people who don't have a father who wrote a dissertation titled "The Importance of Play," like I do. It's about how recess is important. One set of "researchers" (who are these people!?) "discovered":
A small study of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder last year found that walks outdoors appeared to improve scores on tests of attention and concentration. Notably, children who took walks in natural settings did better than those who walked in urban areas, according to the report, published online in August in The Journal of Attention Disorders. The researchers found that a dose of nature worked as well as a dose of medication to improve concentration, or even better.

Duh. Next thing you know they'll discover that walking in nature cures depression and anxiety too. Oh, wait.

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