Allegorical Parable

If anyone you know ever gives up all attachments (ideas, concepts, names, aversions, fears, preferences, etc.), you will find it sitting in a chair or standing still. It will have a look in its eyes of great awareness, but nothing else will be discernable in its eyes. In that moment, be reflective: consider carefully what you ask of it. It has become divine love. If you ask it to stop looking so spacey, it undoubtedly will. If you ask it to speak, it will -- and if you don't like what it says, it will stop saying what it was saying. It will seek to please you, and over time will accumulate an understanding of how you would like it to behave; over time, it will become your creation.

If you have known it before, be cautious about asking it to return to being like it was before -- because although it has no preferences, and would without hesitation become something totally unlike what it was until the moment of detachment, it will also return--if you command it--without hesitation to the way it was before.

I'm pretty sure about all of this.

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