Who Decides if a person is White?

This seems like it isn't a joke... CLICK HERE to watch it. I can't find anything on the internet "about" it. You'll have to watch for yourself.

There's a shorter version of the same experiment -- known as the Counter-Move 6 Experiment.

It seems like it could be interesting, or it seems like it could be a waste of time. Or it seems like it could be something somewhere between obfuscation and poison. I honestly can't tell. In any case, if it is an "experiment," I'm not sure what's being tested. Here's another example of the same sort of "experiment."

If you get hooked on this like me, this website seems to be the source. Holler back.


fenhopper said...

i could only get through a couple minutes of it.

all i saw was a bunch of guys sitting around unwilling to talk.

Casey said...

Hmm. You don't think that's interesting? What in the world could make a bunch of guys unwilling to talk?

fenhopper said...

certain they have a good idea.

too afraid they would express it in a way they can't defend.

Casey said...

I felt like that yesterday during a faculty meeting -- I could've cut everybody's workload in half, but if I had said what I had to say, everyone would've felt attacked. Plus, it's tough to force people to see that their traditional way of doing things was really dumb.

fenhopper said...

a recurring theme. when i hear someone say 'this is important to me' for a few seconds i think i know. and i respect that. but it's so easy to change my mind and think no it's not important to you. i know what's important to you. and i have to convince you of it since you don't believe me.

this really does go back to your quest to listen. so with this video i think you're doing a much better job of wanting and trying to listen. something was/is stopping me.

i might be okay with that if it's because i don't trust them to be honest. but then what do they have to do to convince me that they are? and how quickly do they have to do it?

Casey said...

It maybe does have something to do with my "quest to listen." It also has something to do with my belief that grace is possible... and by that I mean, my belief that people can change, grow, improve, etc.

In the case of this video, I think the result is a kind of paranoia, but I'm not clear whether the paranoia that I'm experiencing is a result of my not-wanting-to-hear something that the "non-white" speakers are trying to say (some point they're trying to make) OR whether the paranoia is my mind telling me that this is a bunch of B.S.

I think I'll facebook you the rest of my comment, in fact.

fenhopper said...

i'll watch the full part just to understand you. if i come to understand them or even grow more assured of my initial impression of them i'll let you know that too.

Casey said...


fenhopper said...

so i watched the whole clip. the main antagonist (the black man) keeps trying to problematize the issue of a platonic whiteness. but he makes an incorrect leap by assuming that the white guys' understanding of a label is acceptance of it.

these guys need to retake an introductory philosophy course to get past the difference between labels and definitions.

and this whole business of 'deciding' who's white is very different from imposing that judgment on others. if you want to assume that a working definition is covertly an imposition of a category then sure, you'll easily go to claims of labels as oppression.

i think the younger white guy saw that coming and still didn't want to let go of his view that at least one 'white' label fit him.

it sounded like some of the 215 discussions that i stayed out of because of boredom.