People About Whom People Should Know

In a tie with Niall Ferguson, my favorite contemporary academic historian to make a successful mainstream crossover is Victor Davis Hanson. They're both considered conservatives by academics; I'm not sure what that means, but I heartily approve of both gentlemen.

Judge for yourself: Hanson's latest piece is an excellent defense of Classical education (this one's for you, Santos). Ferguson's book, The Ascent of Money (Fenhop), was recently the topic of conversation on C-Span's Book TV's After Words program: Here's a link.

And maybe best of all, click here to watch V.D. Hanson talk about "Where the University Went Wrong." [I tried to embed this, but it didn't work right -- apologies]

And what the hell?--how about one for Mxrk: This guy is a senator (finally!!!).



fenhopper said...

i've been quite pleased to see that franken's run hasn't been treated as the most shocking rise to the senate from the sillyville of entertainment.

does sonny bono mean anything to you kids these days? gopher? jesse the body?

Casey said...

Liberal media.


fenhopper said...

perhaps. even so -- during his years as a performer he was a satirist and he said more interesting things with more pith than most humanities professors. he made more relevant observations than most politicians and he was more informed and less embarrassing than palin.

it doesn't really take a liberal media to not jump on him.

Casey said...

No I was joking. I like Franken.

fenhopper said...

i know i know

Here's the conservative media's take on it: By Benjamin Sarlin Al Franken Is the Right's New Punching Bag.

Mxrk said...

You mean my FAVORITE senator.