The One-State Solution

In America, we are black and white, but all American... Muammar Qaddafi suggests that Israelis and Palestinians should be able to do the same: The One-State Solution.

I like it. Last week, in a message to a facebook friend, I wrote:
Some day, someone will realize that we could have world peace if America, France, Japan, and India marched their armies into Jerusalem asserting themselves through military dominance and declared the city once and for all an eternally open and democratic city-of-the-world. If you want to make it happen, I'll take your seat in heaven.

I'm a little ridiculous, but I'm also a genius, right? Then again, I don't like it... the impulse to gather everyone under one banner is dangerous and scary, to anyone who has read either Derrida or Revelation.

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Insignificant Wrangler said...

Not to be too predictable, but wherever power forces solidarity, there will be resistance, fragmentation, and dissidence.

But, of course, an ultimate cosmopolitanism does sound tempting. And, if we could just draw on France's military dominance, then it would be destined to work.