I'm Back

Sometimes when I'm driving around in New England, I think other people might like it -- but then I remember how strong the influence of Tom Petty can be.

I just spent 14 full days without ever being apart from my wife, driving more than 2,200 miles, from Charlotte, NC, to Saginaw, MI, to Providence, RI... by the time I got home, I lost the concept of "home" altogether.

But, as Twain said, a touch romantically, "Wheresoever she [my wife] was, there was Eden."

Predictions for 2009:

  • The Dow Jones index will close Dec. 31st of '09 below 9000.
  • You'll hear more about the IMF, "Breton Woods," and the apocalypse.
  • A major hurricane will wipe Kanye West off the map.
  • The pattern of Global Cooling will continue (the pattern that began in 1998).
  • Bailouts and government initiatives will rise to 2 trillion dollars.
  • Unemployment will rise to 8% +.
  • In the world of fashion: patches on clothing will be in style (remember '83?).
  • More organic, more vegan, more raw -- less fast food.
  • A problem with Russia.
  • Some kind of pro-marijuana rally.
  • Obama will prove boring, but "safe."
  • French "youth" will be fun to watch this summer.
  • Economic-conservatives unofficially split with Moralist-Republicans.
  • Most overused word: authentic.
  • Oscar goes to: Doubt
  • New York Yankees: lose in ALCS
  • Resurgence of Pin-up girls

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