Here's an excerpt from a intro. composition student's final exam -- an in-class essay dealing (supposedly) with Hannah Arendt's essay on "Total Domination":
One of the worst ways government has influenced people would have to be in Germany during World War II. Through blaming their economic problems on the Jews and by public humimaltion, The nazi government put millions of Jews in concentration camps, and killed millions of them because of hate. Which all started though the government. That the Jews were the problem, when they were not. That kind of influence is bad and should not be totalitrated by the people.


Anonymous said...

I totally feel your pain. I teach intro/comp/literature courses too. And sometimes all you can say is wtf?

"That's bad and so..." What did you find helpful in teaching thesis statements?

fenhopper said...

totalitrate: to tolerate a totalitarian gov't.

Monica said...

I love "totalirate."