Drop it like it's Siberian

Today the New York Times published (on its website, at least) the annual list of 100 notable books. I was really happy to see that Victor Pelevin's new novel, The Sacred Book of the Werewolf, made the list, and to read the accompanying very positive review, which takes a retrospective look at some of his earlier work. I've been reading this guy since '02, and although I suppose it's true that you need to have a little interest in Russia to "get" Pelevin -- you should have at least a little interest in Russia.

I don't know if The Sacred Book of the Werewolf is where to start -- my copy is in the mail. But when Russia forms a (un?)holy alliance with Venezuela and Cuba in three years and declares war on Guatemala (or something characteristically Russian like that) you're going to wish you understood a little bit about Russian history and culture.

Still working on my breakthrough post, as promised four days ago.

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