Learning to Listen Better

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I doubt anyone'll take the trouble to do this, but I enjoyed this podcast so much myself that I feel an obligation to the woman who delivered it -- her name is Tara Brach, and the Podcast is one of my favorites, Zencast. Her lecture is titled "Learning to Listen Deeply," and it is a crystal-clear enunciation of what I've come to believe about life, ethics, divinity, etc. You can get the lecture through iTunes, or click here to get it from the interweb. The lecture takes 50 minutes.

I know the guided meditation at the end will be "a little much" for some, but you listen to what you can listen to, I guess.


Wishydig said...

i think i need to have buffy listen. she stumbles under the weight of a thousand little butterfly bodies.

Casey said...

haha... Yeah, you're good on this one.

For me, listening is difficult, and the best way to practice is to listen to someone who keeps saying "Listen!"