To-Do List

Thought some of you might like to see what an assistant professor does:

-Interview students for college of education this afternoon.

-Prepare defense of (recently composed) New Course Proposal for Monday's department meeting.

-Faculty Progress reports due Nov. 26 (write-up description of professional activities, etc.).

-As chair of committee on student evals., find two students willing to act as representatives to the student body.  Contact the people who designed our evaluation forms.  Organize meeting for early January.  Find out what competitor institutions do.

-Complete "Faculty-in-Residence" application form and essay.

-Doctor's appointment.

-Generate syllabus for ENG 102 (intro. writing, part II).

-Generate syllabus for ENG 204 (American Lit. 1865-present).

-Write proposal for upcoming Poe conference (due Dec. 31).

-Honors committee meeting?

-Write final exams for ENG 101 and ENG 203 (next week!).

-Prepare lesson plan on H.D. Thoreau for Monday.

-Prepare lesson plan on MLA format... and grammar lesson, for Monday.

-Grade ~120 "in-class writings" this weekend.

-Tuck your shirt in; comb your hair; smile.

-Lunch with full-faculty on Wednesdays.

-Lunch with liberal arts faculty on Thursdays.

Forgive me, Walt, for I have sinned...


fenhopper said...

time for you to go out into the mystical moist night-air, and from time to time, Look up in perfect silence at the stars.

do it.

mrs fenhopper is ready to teach world lit, 266 next semester.

Casey said...

Tell her congratulations. Teaching literature is so much better than teaching writing... what's on the syllabus?