Synchronicity and Paula Abdul

This morning, as I was driving into work at 6:40am, elated, a sound started sounding in my pocket -- I reached in and found that my cellphone was alerting me in a way it never had previously.

I do not recall programming this alert into my phone, so it must have been months ago when I did this -- but my phone was alerting me that, at some time early this morning, probably as I slept, a "note change" was played in Halberstadt, Germany as a part of a peformance of John Cage's most incredible composition, As Slow as Possible (Organ²/ASLSP ).  This page is also interesting, on the same subject.

If you don't know about this -- learn. The single playing of this very long song started on an organ in 2001, but you haven't missed so much (about 12 notes?) that you can't catch up... the song will still be playing long after all of us are dead and gone. I'm not saying the synchronous timing of this incident had anything to do with the promise of a new day in America and the world, but... yes I am:

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