Judge that Maxim: True or False?

Sometimes, I wake up the morning after a particularly engaging kind of interpersonal experience with a kind of linguistic nutshell -- they tend to come in the form of aphorisms or maxims.  The other day, following a conversation with someone I won't name about something I won't describe, I woke up with this little ditty in my head.  So, True or False (that is, does this sound like a good maxim, or like an inauthentic/bad/false maxim?)?:

Never trust a person who has no regrets.

Now, this really did seem to come to me from outside myself -- I wasn't struggling to make it up; I kinda just channelled it.  I'm trying to identify its source, and I can't tell whether my little Devil or my little angel whispered this into my ear.

Any votes?  We may play this game from time to time...

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