"Hi. Take it easy."

I'm on the verge of a breakthrough. Easy now.

Today it occurred to me that I always feel as if nobody listens to me -- but (keep listening!) as I was feeling that, I thought, more rationally, that people do listen to me at a fairly normal clip. Then why this feeling? Why did I write a dissertation placing "listening" at the center of ethics? Why does it sometimes feel like even my mom doesn't listen to me? Anyone else ever get this feeling, even while they know "rationally" that it isn't the case that no one listens?

The post I'm aiming at is going to deal with the comments in the last post, but it's going to take me a few days -- if you (Fenhopper, Monica, etc.) have anything to add, now's the time. I'm sticking with the keywords I mentioned there, and a few others:

Time, narrative, sequence, order, Conversion, abstraction, "lived experience," transformation, mysticism, testament(s), perspective, One/Many, solution to oldest philosophical problem known to humankind, dawning of age of Aquarius, most important idea in American history, turkey.


fenhopper said...

i fully support this investigation of feeling something that you might even disagree with.

i might be one of those who believes that it's all 'stuff we think' and the organization of it that makes us feel. and even if it happens so quickly and without us understanding it, our feelings are guided by thoughts and in turn motivate us to assign differing value to our thoughts. and then widen and narrow and maybe even reshape our confidence in some of our thoughts.

i might be.

Casey said...

You make it sound as if our feelings are the judge of our thoughts, though... that seems too simple. Isn't it possible that stuff we feel influences what we think, too?

Thanks for your support, in any case (and thanks, seriously, for listening far more than would be expected of anyone).

fenhopper said...

yes i think our feelings influence of thoughts in turn. that's what i meant by saying they might "motivate us to assign differing value to our thoughts."

we think in response to our feelings just as we feel in response to those thoughts that we ponder and those that we don't ponder. those basic stances that we assumed without investigation.

there's probably no beginning or end to this spiral.

Casey said...

Actually, there is an end -- I'm trying to describe it to you in the post above, "Those who are outside get everything in parables."