#44, The Mysterious Stranger

Look, people--sometimes you've gotta call an Ace an Ace:

Barack Obama's facebook page lists Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon, Herman Melville's Moby-Dick, The Bible, Lincolin's writings, and Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Self-Reliance" as our next president's favorite books. A near perfect list, in my humble opinion. I might suggest he add this one:

No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger, by Mark Twain. (For obvious reasons)

For his favorite music, Obama lists Bach (and specifies, "cello suites!"--yes!), Stevie Wonder (from my hometown, Saginaw, MI), and Miles, Coltrane, and Dylan.

His favorite TV: Sportscenter.

One of his interests: "loafing w/ kids."

In other words, what I assume, Obama assumes, and what Obama assumes, I shall assume.

Let's all go vote for this guy, and look for each other in line.


fenhopper said...

honestly? that's what gets you to speak up for the guy?

Casey said...

Yep. Honestly.

Casey said...

When I was writing my dissertation, I realized (about halfway through) that my interest in American Romantic literature had transformed into a kind of spiritual devotion -- not to the texts themselves, but to the "deep structures" of American romance... I don't want anything more in an elected official than someone who shares that deepest sense of life with me.

In some way, I suppose, I sympathize with the evangelical Christians who just want to elect an evangelical, no matter what policies he enunciates. But I don't want an evangelical; I want an American Romantic.

Obama's that. And if my hunch is right, that means he'll always make good decisions as unforseen circumstances arise.

fenhopper said...

Hmm. But isn't that a lot of faith in the correlation between object and idea?

What if he watches Sportscenter because he thinks Stuart Scott is a good sportscaster? I don't think I could forgive that.

Monica said...

Casey=Obama, Obama=Casey

Casey said...


We are large, we contain multitudes.