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Man, you wanna talk about funny! Could McCain blink a little more, please? My brother texted me during the debate tonight and wrote, "try talking to gretchy without showing your upper teeth; it's fun." Then he texted me saying, "i love it when He just laughs at mccain like i do; it just makes mccain angrier and angrier." And right then, my wife goes, "Wouldn't you just love to see McCain blow his top and say what he really thinks right now?--you can see the steam coming out of his ears."

And then somebody I know said, "When Obama moves into the White House, he should grow his afro out." And that brought the house down, because that would be the thing to do.

And I guess it's a little funny how Obama crescendos all of his "Ands": "uh, AaaaND!..."

And it's also funny how, when John McCain smiles, he looks like the devil. At first, I thought I'd post the speech by Al Pacino (playing the devil) in Devil's Advocate to make fun of McCain's laugh, but then I saw this, and knew right away that it was perfect:

And "Oh, snap!" when Obama goes, "Here's your fine, Joe-the-plumber [holding up the universal finger sign for ZERO] -- Zero." And McCain going, "Zero?!?" and then trying to keep himself composed for the rest of the debate...


fenhopper said...

that's odd about the comments because obviously other posts have them? hm.

that bit about the fine for not providing healthcare coverage was hilarious. mccain was giving a look like what? no! you promised there was a fine! you can't do that! tell him to stop, bob!

Mxrk said...

Somebody smart made a very good case for McCain's behavior of late being completely explainable as caffeine intoxication. I buy it.

Casey said...

Me too, Mxrk. I suggested a double-shot of espresso to Gretchen last night as the cause.