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fenhopper said...

I see the comments link on those posts.

Casey said...

Weird. Leave the comments there, then... I guess.

(Google Chrome letting me down, possibly?)

Monica said...

You write:

"No," they say, "It is not so. We are not like those prisoners." In my students' resistance, in that response, you can understand the meaning of the words in Matthew: "Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand."

I think that seeing/hearing does not often precede understanding. There's an Old Testament idea that speaks to this: We will DO in order that we will HEAR. Weird, huh? It's as if action precedes understanding...as if we're not capable of seeing or understanding without first acting.

Casey said...

I like that, Monica--what's the text?

I think Simone Weil mentioned an old thing from Pascal, who said, "Kneel down, mouth the words of prayer, then believe."

Weil thought that was a horrible method for attaining faith. :)

Monica said...

I don't know...I have to figure out where it is. Sandy G. always use to talk about a similar idea presented in a Japanese poem of some sort that talks about dreaming that the world is work, and then dreaming that it's joy, and then waking and realizing that work/action=joy. Not sure if it's the same thing...I'm probably butchering the poem.

Monica said...

Actually, this might help: